Combi master

Description - experienced combi specialists and combi master services offer customers the opportunity to quickly restore the functionality of a malfunctioning combi using new technologies.

The installation, operation, and repair of combi systems require a special approach during combi installation.

The services of the combi master include:

  • Combi repair
  • Combi system installation
  • Combi flushing
  • Installation and repair of Gas Boilers

The combi master addresses malfunctions according to error codes:

  • E1 - Low water pressure
  • E2 - High water temperature
  • E3 - Fan malfunction
  • E4 - Fuel sensor error
  • E5 - Flame sensor error
  • E6 - Ignition/extinction sensor malfunction
  • E7 - Low fuel pressure
  • E8 - Low water level

If other error codes are displayed on the screen, you can call the master by selecting "Other" in the order window.

The master comes to the specified address, inspects the equipment, and identifies the problem. At this point, the fee for the "Technical Inspection" is reset, and the price for solving the problem is set according to the nature of the problem.

Our experienced masters provide high-quality services for combi repair, installation, replacement of parts, combi and radiator flushing, as well as a high level of technical inspection.

What you need to know about combi repair:

  • Contact the combi master to eliminate the E1 error.
  • The combi flushing procedure helps improve the performance of the boiler.
  • Be sure to contact the combi master to fix the E2 error and resolve the issue.
  • Error E3 may indicate problems in the combi heating system.
  • The Gas boiler master effectively solves the problem with the E1 error.
  • In case of technical issues with combi repair, contact the combi master.
  • The combi flushing procedure is recommended before combi repair.
  • The Gas boiler master in our database provides services for combi repair and combi flushing.
  • Contact the combi master to resolve the E3 error.